The fixing method of the car mobile phone bracket.


The car mobile phone bracket is to facilitate the driver to place the mobile phone in the appropriate position during the driving, and convenient to take it down or directly operate, convenience and safety are the basic requirements. The car phone bracket mainly has the following fixing methods

1, instrument table suction cup type. As the first generation of mobile phone stand, the disadvantage is that the suction cup is not strong, and the mobile phone is easy to fall; The second generation of instrument table suction cup, adding glue filling process, washable adhesive, effectively solve the first generation of suction cup mobile phone bracket on the instrument table suction cup is not strong defects; The advantage of the instrument table suction cup type is that the instrument table position is optional and placed in the position that you feel most comfortable.

2. Front stop suction cup type. Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is to block the line of sight, unsafe; The advantages are snake rod structure, easy to adjust the Angle;

3, air outlet hanging type. Installed in the air conditioning outlet position, the disadvantage is that due to different models, the fixed structure and position are limited, unable to rotate and adjust the Angle; The advantage is that it is fixed and reliable;

4. Magnetic 360-degree rotating phone stand. Installed in any plane position that is convenient for the driver to operate, the disadvantage of the magnetic field will affect the mobile phone signal magnetic field, the paste will be removed and there will be a mark, the advantage is that it is small, flexible, does not block the line of sight, and can be taken off with one hand to answer the phone.

5, silicone or other non-slip bracket, disadvantages can not adjust the direction, mobile phone fixed is not strong enough, the advantage is fixed and mobile phone easy to take off.

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